Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Please continue to treat me well during 2012 also. ><

Thank you to everyone who watch Countdown Shitemita!

We're going to dance a little more so I'll do my best. `・ω・

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Eyelash Extensions and Color Contacts

Just before going to Taiwan I got some eyelash extensions.  

Because when I dance a lot at lives I start to sweat a lot and fake eyelashes come off.      

I got about 100 C-curls
and they look good so I like htme. ´ω`  

It makes my normal makeup really fun too.  

Also, I changed my color contacts today. `・ω・
As always they're dark brown though  

These are better than I thought they would be also so
I'm excited.    

Here's a picture to get the idea. ・ω・
Sorry for not having any makeup on.←

I'll do my best at the event that we're appearing in today,
『Countdown Shitemita』

To those of you who can come today, let's spend a nice New Year's Eve together.          

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A bunch of pictures from Second Eden

I have a lot of pictures. (`・ω・´)

With King

With IkuraSan

With Maam


It's pointed out in the comments also, but
recently my eyes get congested quickly.
It's not painful or anything though.

The four of us before the event.

We had a hair and makeup artist
so we're more stunning than usual, right? Haha.  

I made sure to get the gifts that you all brought me!
Thank you very much. ><


IkuraSan and King flirting

Please check out these links. ><

Please Miniskirt Postwoman


It's here!
S/mileage's new song!
「Please Miniskirt Postwoman」!! (´▽`)

I really like the chorus of this song. ><
I'm going to listen to it a lot now.    

 S/mileage 『Please Miniskirt Postwoman!』 (MV)

2012 Calendar Distribution Start!

DANCEROID's 2012 calendar is being distributed now at the following site.

Please check it out. ><