Good afternoon.
Since I'm updating  so late at night, I'm sorry if I woke anyone up with a notification mail.

Due to deconditioning, I could not participate in the first part of the event.
I'm really very sorry.
I think I made a lot of people worry and was very trouble some...
I'm really sorry... 

So that something like this doesn't happen again, on Monday, I consulted my doctor at the hospital and I'm going to try and improve on my weakness.

I'm frustrated that I couldn't do my best even for Maamu who couldn't come...
...I have no sympathy for myself.

Members and Staff,
and also everyone who was waiting for me to come out on stage,
I was really really troublesome.
I'm very sorry.

Thank you for all of the the comments concerned with my safety after the earthquake.

I wrote it on Ameba Now and Twitter, but
today I went to Ikebukuro with my dad so we made it home safely.
We're not hurt.
I think there are still people who came to the event who are still traveling or outside so please be careful not to catch a cold.