From Danceroid; To Everyone

From Danceroid; To Everyone

First of all, we're sincerely sympathetic to all of the people affected by the "Northeastern Pacific Ocean Earthquake."

On March 3rd, the day of the earthquake, since 12:30PM we were at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park participating in the Lions Club sponsored charity event.

Originally, this live performance was organized by the Lions Club to donate money to New Zealand because of damages incurred by the earthquake.

After out first performance, the members of Danceroid were scheduled to perform again at 3:30PM so, to get ready for part two, we went to the B2F dressing room where we experienced the earthquake.

We ran upstairs and to Nichiguchi Park, stunned at the strength of the shaking. Nishiguchi Park became a shelter.

As people began to gather, we gradually realized that this earthquake must have been fairly strong.

The sponsors decided to cancel the second part of the live, so I'm very sorry to everyone who came all all the way there.
Also, trains and other forms of transportation were shut down and we were later told that there were people who had to spend the day in Ikebukuro or had to walk many hours home. Again, we apologize.

All of the members of Danceroid are currently unharmed. We wish that Japan will recover from this earthquake and become happy again as soon as possible. We're going to do our best so that we can make everyone smile with our work and performances so we would be very happy if everyone would continue watching us.

■ All proceeds from sales of goods on Marth 3rd are being donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Also, as promised, the company will be donating the amount equivalent to that day's sales to groups the the Lion's Club International Association.

Also, Danceroid fully supports fundraising activities against the Northeastern Pacific Ocean Earthquake. Anyone who is willing to cooperate, please see the following.

Since the damage from this earthquake is so serious and widespread, the Japanese Red Cross is accepting donations from all over.

Donations Contact 1  Post Office ・Japan Post Bank
Account Number 00140-8-507
Name of the Subscriber Account Japanese Red Cross Great Kanto Earthquake Donations
Handling Time March 14th, 2011 (Monday) ~ September 30th, 2011 (Friday)

※If handled through the post office window, the transfer fee will be waived.
※Please keep your receipt.
※In the correspondence column, please include your name, address and telephone number.

Relief Funds Contact 2
■ For credit card, convenience store or Pay-easy please see the following.

※Please specify the name of the donation in the "Donation Purpose" space.
※Accepting donations starting at 2,000 yen.

[Focal Points]Japanese Red Cross in charge of donations to the Great Kanto Earthquake
Tel: 03-3437-7081 E-mail:

Information on the postponement of the TOKYO FM sponsored event, due to the "Northeaster Pacific Ocean Earthquake."

Due to the effects of natural disasters the Moe Fes 2011 ~Spring Team~ Flight, originally planned for 3.20.2011 (Sunday), is going to be postponed.

To everyone who was looking forward to the performance I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I'm humbly apologize for the effects of this  emergency news.

【Performance Postponed】
Moe Fes 2011 ~Spring Team~ Flight Part I, Part II

March 20th (Sunday) Part 1: 1:30PM 3月20日(日)第一部:13:30 Part II: 5PM
(Venue/TOKYO FM Hall) → Delay

●The date has been changed to April 23rd.
There is no change to the location or time.

●There are some changes in the performers.

Part I:
Apple Talel instead of Seven Colored Fantasy.

Part II:
ULTRA-PRISM (Tsukimiya Usagi) instead of ULTRA-PRISM (Tsukimiya Usagi & Koike Masaya)

●If you would like, refunds will be availabe from March 17th (Thursday) until March 25th (Friday) for each play guide.

※Please not that aside from tickets (Eg. shipping) refunds will not be available.

*The following even it under review.

『Aomori Otaku Love』

March 27th 12:00~19:00
Aomori Prefecture West Berry Berry 2F「Space Four」

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