Tweets 4.16.2011

I updated my blog! It's almost time for Danceroid FES in Nagoya! I'll do my best! 

Blog Update Now! 

@ I bought it about two years ago from BODY LINE. ><

Blog Update Now!  Good night. ><

Blog Update! 

Beauty Salon


For some reason I was ushered into a private room. wwwww
There's a computer. wwwww
It's like a net cafe. wwwww

...Ahhh, I was surprised. (;゜;ω;゜;)

~Don't Stop Loving Idols!!~

I showed my personality in Kawaii girl Japan's project 『~Don't Stop Loving Idols!!~』
Idol loving, active idols talking about idols show ~Don't Stop Loving Idols!!~】 start!

The people who appear are Rena (Vanilla Beans),
Aikawa Kozue (Danceroid),
Ura Erika (Nakano Fujo Sisters)!!

The commemorable first episode is about what got us into idols and creating five articles!!

~Don't Stop Loving Idols!!~

Please watch it if you'd like.





I took them, but didn't put any of them on my blog.

Purikura Up >w<b

We took these Puris on the day we recorded Melancholic.

Marisu, you're so cute Marisu.(*´∀`)

Appearance on Japan Girls Meeting!

Danceroid is going to appear in JAPAN GIRLS MEETING!!

Official Event HP
Performance Schedule
5/21(Sat.) Part 1 13:00 Doors Open/13:30 Start
5/21(Sat.) Part 2 17:00 Doors Open/17:30 Start
5/22(Sun.) Part 1 13:00 Doors Open/13:30 Start
5/22(Sun.) Part 2 17:00 Doors Open/17:30 Start

AeLL  Other
Ao Anna and Ao Reina
Komatami Hitomi
Kitani Yumika
Takigawa Hanako
Yokoyama Kanako
Kajinuma Moehana Other

The dates for each performer/model vary so please see the Official HP for more details.

Danceroid will appear in all performances.

Tickets Now On Sale
【Lawson Tickets】 (LCode: 38666)
General: ¥6000
Middle and High School Girls: ¥3000(Limited)

Shinagawa Stellar Ball

I'll do my best.

News Concerning Tickets

Pre-orders for the 7/10 Danceroid One Man SHOW start today. Here is the URL.

It's pre-order so it's not first come first serve.

Tickets will be chosen by lottery from reservations from 4/27 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 5/8 (Sunday) 18:00.

General release starts June 4th (Saturday) at ten o'clock.

Please direct inquiries regarding the Danceroid One Man Show tickets to:
FLIP SIDE:03-3466-1100
Weekdays 11:00~18:00

It seems...


...that it's Buushuka's birthday!!!!

Congratulations~! ><

News: Danceroid DVD Launch One Man Show!!

Finally, Danceroid has been able to secure a one man live!

Danceroid DVD Launch One Man SHOW!!

July 10th, 2011 (Sunday)

Doors Open: 13:00 Start: 14:00
Evening Performance
Doors Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00

Shibaura Studio Cube326


Tickets can be preordered using e+ starting April 27th.

e+(e plus)

Reception Time
4/27 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 5/8 (Sunday) 18:00

Four tickets per person.

Ticket Information
Tickets sold in advance: Festival Seating
(Tax, Reference Number, and Drink Included)

Tickets sold at door: Free Seating
(Tax and Reference Number Included, Drinks Separate)

All Standing

Location's Website

Sponsored By
Heartful Entertainment Ltd.

Finally, finally
It's been decided that the 5 member Danceroid will do a one man live!

It's thanks to everyone's support that we've made it this far

Thank you very much.

This is the first one man live since Danceroid became a five person unit so all of the members are super excited.

Everyone, please, by all means, come see us!