Tweets 4.12/13.2011


ウケるw RT @: 私はお昼御飯うめぇぇぇ 羊はめぇぇぇ 鶴の長年の友達はかめぇぇぇRT @: Rameeee

RT @: @ Morning Musume.'s Ustream show "UstreaMusume." 

I suddenly woke up! Good morning!

@ Ribbon Bra was just about beaten in. Haha. Usually, I hammer it into my head for one or two days.

My lips are unbelievably dry. (´;ω;`) By the way, my stomach has been hurting since yesterday too.(´;ω;`)

Somthing's hot.w 【Kozue, KimaPuri, and Kelsey】Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night (4:09)