Tweets 4.14.2011

Blog update now~!>< 

LUMIX FX-70~! RT @: @ Question! What kind of digital camera do you use for recording videos?

 DANCEROID  by kozue_aikawa
We uploaded a video.【DANCEROID】DVD2 / DVD3 Official Digest! 

I updated my blog~! 

Kawaii girl Japan
 Kawaii girl Japan  by kozue_aikawa

【New Seires】Recorded! RenaSan (Vanilla Beans), Aikawa KozueSan (Danceroid) and Ura ErikaSan (Nakano Kusaonna Sisters) made appearances. ☆Sparkle☆  

While walking and thinking "The sakura petals are pretty when they flutter to the ground..." the bus at the bus stop three meters in front of me left... orz

I really think I've gotten fat. On the FES Saturday and Sunday, you can't look at my upper arms everyone.(´;ω;`)

Wait!!! I'm not pretending!!!