Tweets 4.2.2011

 DANCEROID  by kozue_aikawa
DANCEROID's new work release date announcement!!■The release date for all items is April 16th.(Being shipped on April 14th)Accepting reservations at the DANCEROID OFFICIAL WEB SHOP starting April 4th 19:00!! ☆ 

Blog Update! More news about Danceroid's new DVD! 

【Mylist】【░Chorus░】Magic Greetings【Popopopo~n】 

【Mylist】I tried sing "Magic Greetings" alone.  

【Mylist】【░Chorus░】Vocaloid Choral Collection【4 Songs】 

【Mylist】【GUMI Original】Marygold Vocal Cover Φ串Φ  

I don't like it~!!!! RT @: @ Do you like green tea Kozu Kozue? (´Д`)?

Good morning. I was surprised that I'm such a creepy otaku. I'm gonig to make tamagoyaki.

When I make tamagoyaki I don't think "I'm going to make tamagoyaki!" I'ts more like "Yay~! I'm going to play with eggs!" so it always turns out messy. (TN: Tamagoyaki is a type of rolled up eggs. They're difficult to make. Kozue says she plays around and always messes them up.)

And when I want to eat tamagoyaki, I cook it without thinking so it ends up tasting like french toast. Lol. It's still good though. Haha.

This is why I can't get a boyfriend!!!!

I'm not playing!!! I dont' like cooking so I'm just thinking that to make it seem better. >< RT @: @ Please don't play with your food.

Today's tamagoyaki was actually good. Lol. It tasted like normal tamagoyaki. Hahaha.

Nooo~! Don't say iiiiittttt! RT @: @ Maybe you have another reason... Lol.

One day, I want to make, not just a sweet tamagoyaki, but a different tasting one. But before that I want a boyfriend.