Tweets 4.3.2011

Congrats~! ><RT @: This sort of thing is Category Ranking #1... I'm grateful. Thank you so much! 【Yuzuki】Happy Synthesizer【Dance Cover】 (4:04)   

I was sitting on the train and I saw an elderly person standing in front of me. I wanted to give them my seat, but I didn't have the courage to say something so I silently stood up, but...

When I looked, the elderly person was still standing and some old that was diagonally in front of me was sitting in my seat... What happened... (´゜ω゜)

Then from now on, my room is 2D. RT @: Then from now on, my room is Montreal. RT @: My room is named Connecticut. RT @: I couldn't stop thinking about Connecticut all day today.

"We just say whoa~!"

Tadah!【DANCEROID】Jounetsu wo Upload【Hanatan×Puriko×Wotamin×Choucho×Korosuke】  via @

Also on Nico Douga!【DANCEROID】Jounetsu wo Upload【Hanatan×Puriko×Wotamin×Choucho×Korosuke】  

Blog Update! 【DANCEROID】Jounetsu wo Upload【Hanatan×Puriko×Wotamin×Choucho×Korosuke】 

Blog Update! Jounetsu wo Upload 

Who put the lyrics? They haven't even been released yet. Wow. Haha.【DANCEROID】Jounetsu wo Upload【Hanatan×Puriko×Wotamin×Choucho×Korosuke】 (4:22)