Tweets 4.4.2011

I'm going to record a collab video, b-b-but my camera's battery... This could be... a bit bad...

There is a fixed camera angle version! On the DVD! RT @: @ Is there a dance shot version of Jounetsu wo Upload? (゚ω。)?

There will be no mirrored version this time! I'm sure! RT @: @ Um, is there a mirrored version of that fixed camera version?


@ Nora, Hirara and Shion.

Blog Update! Making Tamagoyaki 

【Live Broadcast】After a long time, showing my face.  

【Live Broadcast】After a long time, showing my face. I forgot to extend it. Haha.  

I was waiting~! RT @: Sorry to keep you waiting. ヽ|・∀・|ノ Happy Synthesizer Dance Cover @ Itokutora (4:19)  

Blog Update! Maji de Suka Suka!