Tweets 4.5.2011

TEAM Junjou with DANCE POP GIRLS Live is Approaching! (2:47)  

@ In S/mileage I like Kanyon and Sakichi! I like the outfits from Amanojaku and Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii! (`・ω・´) I think!

@ I have a late start, but I want to be caught! ← (TN: That was the literal translations, but I'm assuming the means she want to participate... ^_^')

Whoa! I never would have thought of this! Haha. -- 【DANCEROID】Jounetsu wo Upload [MIRRORED/Self mixed]  via @

I laughed at the high rate of Danceroid. Lol.  -- Compared Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night  via @

Nope! RT @: @ Kozu Kozu, have you ever been to MinkaChan's house?

I'm PurikoSan!!!  RT @: @ In Jounetsu wo Upload, which singer are you Kozue? (^▽^)??

IkuraChan: HanatanSan, Kozue: PurikoSan, COCO: ChouchoSan, Ms. Maamu: WotaminSan, Kingu: Korosuke RT @: @ Could you tell me who is doing which part? ><

@ Huh? Why...?

【Live Broadcast】(*´皿`*)<Talking Only  

【Live Broadcast】(*´皿`*)<Talking Only