Tweets 4.6.2011

Whoa! Thank you! >< RT @: @ The URL for the official site for the Prince of Tennis game being released in June. 

I'm looking at the official site for the new Prince of Tennis game now. I can only imagine considerable choas when thing of Oshitari events in Doki Survival... (TN: I think the game is a Prince of Tennis dating sim? Oshitari is a character.)

It might change depending on the other character. I won't know until I try it. Haha. RT @: @ Which girl will you choose to be the main character Kozue?

They're not continuing, from last time, targeting all ages? Haha. wwwww

Download love with Prince of Tennis' romance game!!!!!!!! (づω;`)

Oshitari Yushi, Atobe, Shusuke Fuji and Yukimura!!! RT @: @ Prince of Tennis is great, isn't it!!!/// Who do you like?? (・∀・)

The receptionist at the beauty salon was handsome... Fairly.

O-o-of course not! RT @: @ Do you like haraguro dos?

I said I wanted to leave at 6:30, but it's past 7...

Blog Update! I made a collab video!