Tweets 4.7/8.2011

My neighbors sneeze too loudly. wwwwwwwww

I posted【Video】【Four People】Onaji Jikyuu de Htaraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama【Dance Cover】  

Blog Update! I uploaded the collab video >< 

A bear pencil case that I bought at Sanhouseki. w RT @: @ I saw it! Everyone was very cute. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ What were you holding in your hands? ><

Is that so?! I didn't read it carefully. (;゚;ω;゚;) I'm sorry! RT @: @ It's a picture from immediately after the earthquake so it's a picture from before the power outages and power saving.

I'm completely fine. ><ノ RT @: @ Are you ok Kozue? (TN: After the aftershock.)

I'm not doing anything special! I use Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner! RT @: @ Your hair is so pretty KozueChan. (*´∀`*) Can you please tell me how you take care of it?

I wear a lot!w RT @: @ Do you wear makeup?

I buy Koakuma ageha every month! RT @: @ I bought your DVD! *・ω・* Do you buy magazines?

Pink. (*´∀`) RT @: @ I use Ma Cherie too! What color do you use?

Top: Diamond Lash Dolly eye Bottom: Diamond Lash Model eye (I only use them on the short parts!) RT @: @ What kind of fake eyelashes do you use?

I use the a lot too!!w RT @: @ Really?! Do you use color contacts??

Too cute. -- 【H!P- Song♪】「Tomorrow is Our Date, But I Want to Hear Your Voice Now - Dance Ver.」S/mileage  via @

@ Happy Birthday ><

It shook quite a lot, but is everyone ok? ><

I'm watching Bijogaku.   

Kanon's bug impression is serious... w   (TN: New MoMusu member Suzuki Kanon does really bad bug impressions. I think Kozue's like "Are you serious?")

 by kozue_aikawa
【Announcement】「DANCEROID FES 」Tickets on the day of will start being sold at 15:00!! ■April 16th (Saturday)Nagoya Osu X-HALL ■ April 17th(Sunday)Osaka Umeda amHALL