Tweets 4.9.2011


Does this mean that videos I've uploaded myself may be deleted by my imposter?w I don't understand.

I don't quite understand, but apparently reprints of my videos are being removed from YouTube. The only info I have is from DMs, but the person reporting videos is using my name. I've never reported a video before; Why are they using my name;;;

Oh, and also, I get asked this often, but I don't have a mixi or Facebook account!

That's right. (´・ω・`) I've never cared about reprints of my videos so I have no idea why this is happening; RT @: @ So, reprints of your videos are being deleted? Not your own?

@ That's how it is for now. >< You can buy it at the event.

@ There's not that much.w The only shoulder straps are the black dress.w

Good morning.

【Live Broadcast】(*´皿`*)<Mornin'【TS無】  

I was laughing about how "if you read "mittens" backwards ベシベシベシベシベシベシ"w RT @: @ Wa~! I missed your live. (´・ω・`) What did you talk about?

Today, my clothes look like a middle schooler. Haha.