I bought photo albums. (`・ω・´)

How cute.

Thank you!


I had a lot of fun appearing on "GeeMaga ・Ume Channel" today.

Today was my first time playing "Dance Evolution", but...

without putting anything on, just by moving your body, the sensor really sees you

It was really amazing

All of the dances look like fun

It was so much fun that even now, when I've made it home, I'm still wishing that I could play some more. ww←

Everyone who watched on Ustream, everyone who came to the event, and my co-stars, thank you very much!

Dance Evolution / Konami Digital Entertainment

Ustream Broadcast

Today, at 7:30PM, the event "Dance Evolution" will be broadcast on Ustream

↑Please watch.

Event Appearance Announcement!

Game magazine Geemaga's editor Yuan ・Ume and Idol Gamer Kyan ChiakiChan (Kyanchi) are holding a game information live event, "GeeMaga ・Ume Channel" at Asagaya Loft A!

This time they welcome the producer of the Xbox 360 version of "Dance Evolution", NAOKI.
There will be talk about the game's confidential development and a gaming tournament.
You can dance with assistant Kyanchi!

Also, as a special guest, active under the "odottemita" tag on Nico Nico Douga, Danceroid's Ikura and Aikawa Kozue will appear!
Perhaps you can even dance with them...?

Event Name
Geemaga ・Ume Channel Live! Dance Evolution

※Ustream live broadcast is under review.

Chairman ■ GeeMaga ・Ume
Assistant ■ Kyan Chiaki (Nakano Fujo Sisters)
Guest ■ NAOKI (Dance Evolution ・Producer)
Special Guests ■ Ikura ・Aikawa Kozue (DANCEROID)
Asagaya ・Loft A

May 30th (Monday)
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:30
Advanced¥2000 / Day Of ¥2300 (Food and drink separate)

Advanced tickets are being sold at Lawson Tickets!!

Thank you for JGM ♪

Thank you very much for JAPAN GIRLS MEETINGon the 21st and 22nd!

I thought "A fashion show on a huge stage like this... No way... (((・Д・)))"
and I was really nervous, but thanks to everyone I was able to enjoy it. Thank you very much!!

On the 21st we wore clothes by Ank Rouge. (See the above video.)

On the 22nd we wore MILSQUR brand clothes.

When you wear cute clothes you feel happy, huh?
Both days my makeup was more adult like than usual.

I had just switched to a new pair of color contacts so it was nice and fresh.
By the way, they're vivian's Pearl Brown.

On both days we performed...

Part 1:
Girls be Anbitious!
Jounetsu wo Upload
Luka Luka ★ Night Fever

Part 2:
Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night
Koi Shichatte Mo Ii Desuka?
Jounetsu wo Upload
The shape of the stage was different than normal, there were stairs and a runway, so formations were pretty difficult.
I think we were able to show a different stage than usual. ><

Staff, everyone who came to see us, thank you very much.

Thank you for today!

Thank you for Japan Girls Meeting today
There were stairs on the stage, a T shaped runway and a lot of other firsts, but all five of us did our best.
How was it...?
We'll do our best tomorrow too