Q & A Cont.

Do you have any tips on how to dance well? (*^^*)

Lots of practice. Seriously.

What kind of perfume do you use?

I haven't been using perfume lately.
When I did, BABY DOLL was my favorite.

At what age did you start dancing?

When I was four

Do you read fan letters?♪

I dooo

Do you have any plans to release a solo DVD?
If not, I hope you can at least have a solo dance next time.

I don't have any plans for one.
I'm sorry.

Please give me some tips on how to stay fit! (゜ω゜)

I don't really do anything special.
That's why my face looks so round in Happy Synthesizer. 
I think I might need to start something...

Is there a food or drink that you love that you think "If you don't eat/drink this, then you're wasting your life!"?

Pugokupuuse is delicious.

Right now, I have a picture of Kozu Kozu holding a guitar as my wallpaper.
For my next wallpaper, what should you be holding?

First of all, I'm surprised that there are people who have that as their wallpaper...
Secondly, why do I have to be holding something? www

When Danceroid was first formed, did you think that it would become this popular!?
Are there any untold stories? Haha.

To tell the truth, at first I thought we would just be appearing on TV like Beckii Cruel! Lol.
When I think about it now, my vision was so infantile... Haha.
I don't think... we have any untold stores. Lol.

Please tell us your height, weight and three sizes. (≧∇≦)

Weight40 kilograms
Three SizesI don't know.

Will you participate in a cosplay event?

I've never been to one and it doesn't look like I will in the future.
But, I like to look at the Reiya's site. She's beautiful.

If I became a famous (Nico) dancer, if the opportunity should arise, would you dance with me?

I don't know about being famous, but if I could, I would definitely love to dance with you. ><

What are you three favorite Hello!Project songs? (^人^)

Um... This is a hard question...
I can't put them in order, but if I were to pick three... (;゚;ω;゚;)
Independent Girl~To be an Independent Woman
Mune Sawagi Scarlet
♪Part Time Job at the Bakery

Do you Little World and Meiji Mura in Aichi prefecture by Inuyama Castle?

I only know Nagoya in Aichi prefecture and I don't even know Nagoya that welllll!!!
I didn't know about it, but, if I get the chance, I'll go check it out.

I love fruits. Please tell me your favorite fruit, Kozue. (*‘ω’*)


Do you read the other Danceroid member's blogs?
If you do, how often do you check them?

Lately I've been checking them about once every three days.

Are there any songs that you most want to dance right now?

Idols songs
Vocaloid song
...There's a lot. Lol.

Do you have any fetishes, Kozue?
By the way, I have a glasses fetish! Lol.

Lately I can't understand the meaning of the word fetish, but I like glasses, neckties and collar bones. (`・ω・´)

To be continued...
Now I'm going to write about makeup.