Q & A

I'm going to answer questions that I received on my last entry.

Thank you for all of the questions everyone. 

In the future, how many children do you want?

One or two...?

What do you do to help fall asleep?
I put my cell phone down

Why did you start doing dance covers?

One day, during the summer of my second year of high school, I was bored so I got on YouTube and I found 47's video
and I thought, "This looks like like funI'll try it too

I can dance some of your dances so I've been thinking about uploading them, but I don't know how. Could you please teach me?

First, take a video with a digital or video camera.
(By the was I use a LUMIX FX70. )
Put the video you took on your computer.
Once you're edited it, click the top left button.

Click 『Save Movie』,
Save 『For Computer』.
Upload the saved file to Nico and wait for it to complete encoding.
(This video explains how to upload videos to Nico. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10985017 )
You're done

This is just my way of doing it...
Just so you know.

Do you like ice cream?
What kind of ice cream do you like?

I like ice cream.
I love Pino and Snow Viewing Daifuku.

What are your plans for Golden Week?

I'm not doing anything today,
5th - Take a collab video.
6th - No plans as of now.
7th - Planning on going to an event.
8th - Goimg to see a musical!
...Something like this.

It seems like this is going to be a bit long, so I'll continue in my next entry.

I'll answer questions about makeup at the end.