This Time (;゜;ω;゜;)


Yesterday our flight
was cancelled so we're still in Japan.
We're going to take a plane 
today at about 3PM.

This time... Haha.
Bye. (`・ω・´)

Leaving for Anime Expo!


I'm at the airport with IkuraChan now. 

Sorry, I'm not wearing anymakeup

Today we depart for Los Angeles for Anime Expo. 

I'll do my best. 

I can't use my phone over thereあせる
so I'll try and update my Twitter and blog from a computer. 



We're all going to make a video today.
As for what kind of video it is, please look forward to it.
The picture is of the jelly and stuff we ate after lessons and work yesterday.
They were yummy. 
An Announcement from the Office
Today starts the distribution of the cell phone only song!
「I Love You feat. CLIFF EDGE」 Miura Sally
Pop Teen model Mizu Kitty appears in the PV. 
Official Blog
The song can be found here.

Doki Doki Survival


The new Prince of Tennis game arrived last night. 

Yesterday and I today I did AtobeKun and FujiKun's stories. (*´ω`*)

Oh, Fuji is the older brother. 

I'm afraid I'll get caught up in these 2D characters again...w

Next I'm going to do Oshitari Yuushi's story!

That's right, speaking of 2D

I've been able to watch anime lately. I haven't been able to for a long time. (・ω・)

I'm addicted to Stein's Gate.

I'm watching things on Nico Douga, not TV, but it's pretty interesting. (;゜;ω;゜;)

I'm debating whether or not to buy what I couldn't watch... 

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