Thank you for the live! ><

Thank you for Danceroid's Nico Live today, DANCEROIDing

We organized DANCEROIDing by ourselves, but... what did you all think?><

We each had our own corner and distributed the time...

It was a bit different than the normal, rough Nico Lives.

I was pretty nervous.ww

I'm watching it on Timeshift and...
looking back? evaluating myself?
but... www it's pretty bad wwwwwww

I'm sorry that the sometimes the image would suddenly freeze.

My speaking was also a bit gdgd so I apologize for that too.

I need to learn from COCO and Ikura.

So, if you didn't get to watch, please watch it on Timeshift.

By the way, we'll be doing it again next week
Probably at the same time.

Also, we're accepting mail from everyone. ><

Corners accepting mail are...
Ikura's "It's a bit much of anything!" (Ikurandemo sore ha chotto~!)
Aikawa Kozue's "It's the same as usual~" (Aikawarazune~)
COCO's "No1 Family~!"
Maamu's "Maamutta!"
Yuzuki's "Mutekingu!" (TN: Muteki = invincible Kingu = King/Yuzuki)

Ikura made us a mail form.

It's a live broadcast with everyone's input so please send us something. ><

Thank you.

Good night!