About LA 2!

On the second day, after the autograph session, we performed for 「MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES」

Even the dressing room of the NOKIA Theater was big...! w

We had someone take pictures so I'll put them on here. (・ω・)

Behind the curtain before our performance.



During the performance.



You can watch it using Timeshift.

We danced these three songs;

The audience was really energetic so it was a lot of fun.

I thought, "I'm really a lucky person."
When we were done, we changed and they let us watch the concert.
Miku is so cool.

Also, one of the boys sitting behind us gave me a glow stick.
He was so friendly. (´;ω;`)

LA is the best. 

I'll write about the third day next! ><