LA Part 3!

It's a bit late, but this is the continuation of my LA entry. (`・ω・´)

I'm sorry for taking so long. (´;ω;`)

On the third day I judged the
Odottemita Contest

Participants of the Odottemita Contest could pick from the following dances.

I choreographed two of the three dances and I thought it was amazing that people I didn't know, people overseas for that matter, had learned by choreography

The internet is amazing.

I thought that I need to thank the people who
watch my videos
and learn my dances.

Thank you very much. ><

We went straight to the airport after the contest.

I wondered if I could buy souvenirs at the airport, but since it was nighttime everything but the duty-free shops were closed.
Me →

Well, that's a nice memory too, I guess. www

I couldn't use my phone overseas so sorry that I don't have any pictures.

But it was really fun and LA was a great experience

I want to go again if I get the chance.

The End

On a different note,

Nadeshiko Japan won
Congratulations. ><