Thank you very much for the One Man Live!

Thank you very, very much for the DANCEROID DVD Launch Event One Man SHOW!!on July 10th

It was our first one man live since becoming a five member group, but...

I was really nervous.

I wasn't nervous until the rehearsal before.

I messed up quite a lot during the event...

Everyone was nice enough to come and see us...
I'm sorry.

after the live was over I got to see everyone's smiles at the handshake session so I was really happy

Some people said "I'll come again!"...

If we get the opportunity to do this again I'll try even harder. 

Also, our member COCO graduated at this live.

During the encore of the evening performance all of the glow sticks were purple and I was really thankful to all of the fans for their kindness.

thank you very much.

From now on IkuraSan, Maamu, King and I will continue with our activities, but we'll do our best so that COCO will think "I wish I hadn't graduated. ><"

and our fans will think "I'm glad I continued supporting them!"

Everyone who came to the One Man Live,
everyone who couldn't come, but still supported us,
thank you very much.