Nico Live at 11PM ><


I'm going to do Nico Live, with video, today at 11PM, for about 30 minutes. 

Please come play if you're like. ><

Video Shooting

Today I recorded a dance cover at Yoyogi Park.
I asked takachiiSan who recorded my collab with OmoteSanSuper ☆ Star Dance Coverto help me out again

This was my first time recording a solo dance cover outside, with a professional camera so I was nervous. 
To be honest
it may not even be as good as my practices...
But it's the best I can do in that environment right now.
I'm pretty scared for the video to be finished...
I asked for it to be ready so that I could upload it sometime this week so I'll show you all as soon as it's ready. ><

Oh, that's right,
there were a lot of dancers practicing at Yoyogi Park. 

I haven't shown my face around that kind of place often, but everyone was so nice.

It was like a school class where everyone are good friends.

I'm shy, but it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Thanks for being so nice to me, everyone. 

Today or tomorrow I'm going to upload a different dance cover.
Let's do our best.

Toyama Cosplay FES ☆ 2011 Appearance Confirmed!

Toyama Cosplay FES ☆ 2011 Appearance Confirmed!

It's the biggest cosplay FES!
Toyama will become the cosplay holy place!

It's been decided that Danceroid will appear at Toyama Cosplay Festival ☆ 2011!

There are a lot of things planned, like cosplay photo shoots and seminars(?)
anime song live and more!!

Date and Time
August 20th (Saturday)~August 21st (Sunday)

Toyama Citizien's Plaza 2F Atrium

Danceroid's appearance is↓
August 20th (Sat) ※Free Admission

1st: 11:00~12:30
2nd: 15:00~16:30

See the site below for details!

Thank you. ><



IkuraSan drew it for me. Photobucket 

It's cute. Photobucket 

Kozue eating Ikura by Minka


Today I played with IkuraChan and former Danceroid member MinkaChan. Photobucket 

We ate in Shibuya, went to the Nico Nico Headquarters in Harajuku, did a Nico Live at IkuraChan's house and ate at Saize! w

↑The crown is in IkuraSan's nose. www

I hadn't seen MinkaChan since Danceroid FES in Osaka. Photobucket

She was as cute as always. Photobucket 

Oh, you can watch the Timeshift of the Nico Live the three of use did here. Photobucket

Thank you to the people who greeted us at the Nico Nico HQ! ><

So that's that!

I was going to record a new video tomorrow, but I had to postpone it because of the weather. 

But I have lessons tonight, so I'll do me best. PhotobucketPhotobucket