Kozue eating Ikura by Minka


Today I played with IkuraChan and former Danceroid member MinkaChan. Photobucket 

We ate in Shibuya, went to the Nico Nico Headquarters in Harajuku, did a Nico Live at IkuraChan's house and ate at Saize! w

↑The crown is in IkuraSan's nose. www

I hadn't seen MinkaChan since Danceroid FES in Osaka. Photobucket

She was as cute as always. Photobucket 

Oh, you can watch the Timeshift of the Nico Live the three of use did here. Photobucket

Thank you to the people who greeted us at the Nico Nico HQ! ><

So that's that!

I was going to record a new video tomorrow, but I had to postpone it because of the weather. 

But I have lessons tonight, so I'll do me best. PhotobucketPhotobucket