Video Shooting

Today I recorded a dance cover at Yoyogi Park.
I asked takachiiSan who recorded my collab with OmoteSanSuper ☆ Star Dance Coverto help me out again

This was my first time recording a solo dance cover outside, with a professional camera so I was nervous. 
To be honest
it may not even be as good as my practices...
But it's the best I can do in that environment right now.
I'm pretty scared for the video to be finished...
I asked for it to be ready so that I could upload it sometime this week so I'll show you all as soon as it's ready. ><

Oh, that's right,
there were a lot of dancers practicing at Yoyogi Park. 

I haven't shown my face around that kind of place often, but everyone was so nice.

It was like a school class where everyone are good friends.

I'm shy, but it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Thanks for being so nice to me, everyone. 

Today or tomorrow I'm going to upload a different dance cover.
Let's do our best.