Collab Shooting + I went to see Cantarella!


Today I made a collab video with MaatamuChan and KuraraChan, who are on the purikura.

I'm the oldest one, but I couldn't make any conversation...

I'm sorry, both of you.

We took more purikura so I'll put them on my blog later.

And then, after the collab shooting, I went to see the Nico Nico Musical "Cantarella"

It was such a wonderful stage and I cried at the hero and heroin's song scene.

I really like stage plays..

Again I thought, I want to go see more, different kinds of plays.

After the performance I was allowed to go to backstage and greet the performers, but...

KonkonChan and AD KusaharaSan were so nice. I was so happy. (´;ω;`)

Canterella is being performed until Sunday and I know it's hard, but please I want all of the performers to do their best

I thought I'll do my best with what I can do too.

The stage really gives you power
I love it

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