Hello/How Are You Dance Cover

I uploaded a video.

This time I danced to the song "Hello/How Are You".


I thought about and thought about the lyrics.
But rather than "thought about" feeling...


it was my first time having someone record a solo video for me
and it's outside...

It's like Whoooaaa
Honestly, it's not like "I did! 100%!!!" orz

Of course, as usual, I was aiming for 100%, but it was just so difficult that I couldn't.
If you ask what was difficult, there was really a lot of things...

The producer of this song, HoehoeP says that "It's a song for useless people."
A typical, "useless person" like myself had so many things I could relate to in the lyrics, but I thought "I can realte!!!! I'll show that on the screen!!!!", but maybe it turned out a little different than a normal "dance cover" video.

I can't explain it very well...

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone.

Thank you.