New Song

「Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko」、
For some reason, it's just.. so touching. (´;ω;`)

I got to meet ℃-uteSan's Suzuki AiriChan, Hagiwara MaiChan and Nakajima SakiChan at japan girls meeting

and for Kawaii girl JapanSan's 「Can't stop loving idols!」segment, but

they're just sooooo cute
It's amazing. (;゚;ω;゚;)

It's exactly my type of song so I immediately preordered it on Rakuten Books. ww

I ordered Limited Edition B, but... I wonder what will be on the DVD!

I wish it would hurry up and be released. (´ω`)

Today (actually yesterday) we started learning a new dance at DANCEROID lessons

It was really, really, really difficult. wwww
I thought I was going to die after only the prelude.

But I'll do my best

Good night!

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