We have a new family member♪


It doesn't have a name yet.

Well, it might have one and I just don't know yet because I'm not at home often... ww

Actually, I don't even know if it's a girl or a boy...

It's a cockatiel.

The two budgerigars we had before passed away in December and March...

(Sorry for not letting you all know...)
My mother bought this one "as a birthday gift to herself."><

My mom and parakeets are both cute.(´ω`)

on a different note
I'm getting asked a lot in the comments on  【Kozue】Hello/How Are You Dance Cover【It was difficult】 so...

The clothes I'm wearing in this video is a LIZ LISA one piece.
I like how girly LIZ LISA's clothes are.

This an entry introducing our new family member.
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