We'll appear at GeMaga FES Eve!

【GeMaga FES Eve】

GeMaga FES」's news show, entitled 「GeMaga FES Eve」,
will be streamed live on Ustream and Nico Nico Live Broadcast!

October 5th (Wed) at 9PM

me to me(Tachibana Mika's RoleNumakura Manami, Saionji Miyabi's Role・Hara Yumi)

Nico Nico Live Broadcast

me to meSan who will appear with us
is a fictitious dance unit produced by game magazine 「GeMaga」
and Numakura ManamiSan &Yumi HaraSan are voice actresses!

By the way, DANCEROID members
have collabed me to meSan's Super☆Star before.

【Omote&Kozue】Super☆Star Dance Cover【in uniforms】

【Shuurin×Yuzuki】Super☆Star【Dance Cover】

We'll go into detail about GeMaga FES during the live broadcast,
and play the games that will be played at the event!!

If you'd like,
please come watch
that day after tomorrow at 9PM. ><

Live Broadcast Saturdays at 10PM 「DANCEROIDing」

Aikawa Kozue @ Nico Live Community

The Interviews & Official Grouppo

Aikawa Kozue Twitter ←I made a new one on 2011.06.20

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Yesterday I made a collab video (`・ω・´)


Yesterday NoraSan, MiumeSan and I
made a collab video.

We plan on uploading it next week. (Keyword plan!)
So please look forward to it. (`・ω・´)


I went to Animate. (`・ω・´)Haha.

There was a Prince of Tennis Fair or something going on
so I thought I wouldn't make it there,
but somehow I did. (´゚ω゚`;)

I got Shinomiya Natsuki's character song.

I don't think I've shopped at Animate
since I was in middle school. wwww

I think I'll go again sometime. www←

The Tachiagirl that I ordered online also arrived
so I'm quite happy.

Today DANCEROID has a shoot

I'll do my best.

Please come watch our Nico Nico Live Broadcast 「DANCEROIDing」
today at 10PM. ><

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I made a Facebook account!

Just as the blog title states,

I made a Facebook account


Feel free to send me a friend request.

I don't really know how to use it yet. w

It seems that there are other Aikawa Kozues on Facebook,

but this is the first one that I've made. ><

I mean, this is the real person ...w

Thank you.


I'm going to change the subject now,

and talk about Shanghai.

After the event and dinner,

we were taken to a place

where the night view was very beautiful.

I'm going to upload those pictures.

I don't really know
where it is...(Sorry;

It was really pretty.
IkuraChan and I were both moved.

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