10 Years Later and 10 Years Before

Hatsune Miku『Platinum』-shin'in future Mix-

I was watching 『Platinum』-shin'in future Mix- dance videos
and now it's suddenly this late!

At one point the lyrics go

♪I wonder what we'll be doing 10 years from now?

and when I heard that I remembered something.

During the 4th grade,
our homeroom teacher had us do something
called "1/2 Coming of Age".

We wrote letters to ourselves 10 years in the future,
and thanked our current selves and stuff.

Well, I don't really remember the details.←

So, one of the things we wrote was our dreams for the future.

This is what I want to be like in 10 years!
sort of thing.

At the time I was really looking up to Morning Musume.
so I wrote that I wanted to become an idol. Haha.

It's scary because when you're a little kid, you can't really imagine what's going to happen in the future! Lol.

I wrote stuff like
I want to make people happy with my song and dance.

That's the only thing I remember perfectly.

And now my birthday is coming up and I'm going to be turning 20.

And I'm being 「Aikawa Kozue」.

At first I was just uploading my videos as a hobby,
but lately I've been able to perform on stage
and go overseas.

I wonder if my dance is making people happy...

And I thought,
this is pretty amazing.

There were a lot of different things
that led me to where I am now.

Honestly, up until now, I was a considerably dismal person.
Although I still am.

I also wrote about it when I danced Hello/How Are You, but 
I'm really a no good person.

I suddenly quit studying,
became introverted and sat at home playing on the computer.

But if I hadn't become like that
I wouldn't have started uploading my videos.

If I hadn't started uploading my videos
I wouldn't be where I am now
with an entertainer's blog...

I wonder what myself 10 years ago would think
if she saw me now.

I think she would probably say something like
「You www You've got to be kidding me. wwwww」

But maybe there'd also be a part of her
that would praise me and say 「Good for you!」
At least I hope there would be.

In another 10 years
I'll be 30.
I wonder what I'll be doing.

Maybe it's important to think about I want to be doing.
Even if it's just a little bit.

I'm such a lucky person!

This was just

that kind of entry.

It's sort of difficult to understand. Sorry. (´・ω・`)


I forgot to put the thing that I wanted to write the most.

Everyone, thanks for supporting me.