About after the birthday event.

(Ikura & King
Birthday Event)

After the birtday event
we all went to 
Jan・SvankmajerTen 」in Harajuku

(We went to Jan SvankmajerTen)

The world of art is profound, isn't it...><
But I usually don't have the chance
to look at works like this
so it was a really good stimulation for me.
After that
the four of us took purikura together.
It was our first time taking purikura with all four of us together

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(Poker Face)

The model was
Beauty cosme,
the setting was 「fluffy」,
the eye setting was 「natural」,
and we took picture on the brightest setting.
We had dinner after we took purikura.

It's weird how delicious strawberry shiratama is.

(Ikura Kozue
Yuzuki Maamu)

Thank you very much for today's birthday event.
I actually took a lot of pictures with 
RuutoSan and YunSan
who helped out with the event,
so I think I'll put those on my blog later.

Today was a really full day

Everyone, thank you very much. ><

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