DANCEROID's new video has 130,000 views on YouTube
and 80,000 views on Nico Nico Douga. ><

【DANCEROID】Poker FAce【Dance】

【DANCEROID】Poker Face 【Dance】 

Thank you very much, everyone. 

And now I have a declaration to make.
I'm going to upload two solo videos

by the end of October

Recently I've been doing a lot of collabs, but

I haven't made a solo video since the end of July
so I'm just going to make one by myself. www

Until the end of October I have three events,
「Shanghai Japan Week 2011」
「GeMaga FES @Ebisu LIQUID ROOM」、www
But, well, I'll do it!w Somehow. wwww

Everyone, please cheer for me

somewhere in your heart. ww

I'll do my best. (`・ω・´)

【Kozue】Hello/How Are You Dance Cover【It was difficult】

I have an announcement for everyone.

In the Ameba Celebrity Mall

there is now a gacha where you can win wallpapers

Last time it was just IkuraSan and I,

but this time it's all four of us.

When you play the gacha pon you win a random wallpaper.

Each member has their own and there are 7 altogether.

If you collect all 7

you get an extra as a present

Also, if you complete the set you will be entered into a lottery

to receive an autographed photo
Each member has five, so there are 20 altogether.

Each member has their own shop

so please access them with your cellphones,
using the URLs below.

Aikawa Kozue Shop

Ikura Shop

Yuzuki Shop

Maamu Shop

They're only available until 10/16(Sun)23:59:59 so please be careful

The winners of the lottery will be notified by Ameba Staff

after 10/17 by Ameba Message
so please be sure not to miss the message. ><

Thank you!

Live Broadcast Saturdays at 10PM 「DANCEROIDing」

Aikawa Kozue @ Nico Live Community

The Interviews Official Grouppo

Aikawa Kozue Twitter ←I made a new one on 2011.06.20

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