DANCEROID Ikura & Yuzuki Additional Birthday Event!


DANCEROID Ikura & Yuzuki Additional Birthday Event!

There were so many applicants that a lot of people didn't get to come
so we're having another event on the 18th (Sun)

People who weren't able to attend the first event will be given priority
so if you couldn't make it and would still like to
we're waiting for your application

There will be the commemorative event T-shirts designed by Ikura,
special drinks etc. and
you can talk with and take cheki photos with the members
so let's all celebrate together

September 18th, 2011 (Sun)

Part 1 14:00~15:00
Part 2 16:00~17:00

How to Join
Reservations required
(2 Parts/Each 1 Hour)

Address reservations to
and please include the following information.
■Full Name
■Telephone Number
■Email Address (Only devices  that can receive messages from computers)
■Desired Part (Part 1 or Part 2)
■Number of People

If you're applying for more than one person, please be sure to include the following information for each
■Full Name
■Telephone Number
■Email Address
(Only devices that can receive messages from computers)

Applicants who were not able to attend the previous event are given priority.
If there are too many applicants, the winners will be decided by lottery.
We will contact the winners by email.
Deadline: September 15th (Fri)

Nakano Honeyland
Tokyo Nakano 5-59-6 Nakano KS Building 4F
¥3,000 (Tax/1 Drink Included)

Please come see us!

Live Broadcast Saturdays at 10PM 「DANCEROIDing」 
Aikawa Kozue @ Nico Live Community
The Interviews Official Grouppo

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