Pictures and stuff from Poker Face

The DANCEROID video that was uploaded yesterday
is category ranking no. 1
on Nico Nico Dougatoday.

Thank you for all of the views, MyLists and comments. (´;ω;`)

And even on YouTube 

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No. 1 Top Rated (Today) Entertainment

Everyone, really, thank you very much. (´;ω;`)

We only had 3 days to learn and practice this before recording. 

At first we were really worried about how it would turn out...

But we all did our best

and I'm happy with the result.><

Of course, there are still a lot of places where I could improve,

but I'll do my best from now on too.

【DANCEROID】Poker Face【Dance】


I'm going to show you all the pictures that I took

when we recorded the video yesterday.

A lot of people have already noticed, but
these outfits were made by putting red and black accessories

on our white outfits from the DVDs 「DANCEROID2」「DANCEROID3」.

↓You can see them at about 1:50 of this video.

People seeing us for the first time might be like "

because since COCO graduated on 7.10
I'm the only one showing my belly... w

Well, I'm the only whose black outfit
(The ones we wore in the Megu Megu video and on the DVD during LOL and Lily Lily)
is a camisole, showing my shoulder so
I guess I'm just that characters now ww so I guess it's ok www
I think. www
So-what attitude. wwwwwwww

But I'm sorry that my stomach goes over my skirt.

I'll do my best with my sit-ups and diet.

What did you all think of this video and dance?

There were a lot of different movements

and it's our first video with just the four of us
so, if you have any thoughts,

please let me know in the comments.><

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