Today S/mileage's new song goes on sale. (`・ω・´)

Ogawa SakiChan's graduation,
the addition of the submembers...

I liked Fukuda KanonChan and Ogawa SakiChan
so when I heard about SakiChan's graduation I was like



But I'll remember what Maeda YuukaChan said

and continue to support the new S/mileage. ><

It seems that Tsunku♂San is going to decide what to do with the submembers in October... (´・ω・`)

They're all doing their best
so I think it would be nice
if they could all become regular members...

The song that goes on sale today, 「Tachiagirl」
is a really positive song

It cheers me up when I listen to it

I'm going to buy it online soon. ww

Everyone should try listening to it
when they're feeling down also. ><

YouTubeS/mileage 『Tachiagirl』 (MV)

Tachiagirl (Regular Edition)

Tachiagirl (First Prodection Limited Edition A: With DVD)

Thank you for pointing out my typo. ><
I corrected it! *sweat*

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