Thank you for the Nico Live & about GREE

Thank you for coming to my Nico live.
It was boring as usual, but I was happy that some people came.

If I get the chance to do another, please come again.

Oh, please come to our Nico live DANCEROIDing every Saturday at 10PM also!←Advertisement

I mentioned in my live also, but I have a GREE account.  (・ω・)
My friend (Kurumi ChieChan) has a celebrity account so I registered in order to read her entries.

I don't write anything though. www

I mean, I have Twitter and Ameblo anyway. (´・ω・`)
Well, you can find my GREE account  here... I think?
I don't really get it.

Speaking of which, it looks like IkuraChan is also using GREE...
Best regards. ><

Saturdays at 10PM Live Broadcast 「DANCEROIDing」 
Aikawa Kozue @ Nico Live Community
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