We had a dance workshop!

Today's first event was a workshop where we taught dances

It was my first time trying to teach people a dance so

I was worried if I could do it well or not...

But everyone were fast learners

and the room's atmosphere was really light
so it was a lot of fun.

By the way, the dance we taught was LOL.

At first we were planning to teach FirstKiss!,

but almost everyone already know how to dance it. (´゜ω゜)Happy

Today we all danced LOL together.

I had ManagerSan send me picture to my computer so

I'll update again when I get back to the hotel.

IkuraSan and I took a picture together

once we got back to the waiting room.

As a "Thanks for your hard work!", the staff gave us these drinks

What could this be...

It tasted sort of like genmaicha.
Tea is good.

I'll do my best at the next event too

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