We'll appear at GeMaga FES Eve!

【GeMaga FES Eve】

GeMaga FES」's news show, entitled 「GeMaga FES Eve」,
will be streamed live on Ustream and Nico Nico Live Broadcast!

October 5th (Wed) at 9PM

me to me(Tachibana Mika's RoleNumakura Manami, Saionji Miyabi's Role・Hara Yumi)

Nico Nico Live Broadcast

me to meSan who will appear with us
is a fictitious dance unit produced by game magazine 「GeMaga」
and Numakura ManamiSan &Yumi HaraSan are voice actresses!

By the way, DANCEROID members
have collabed me to meSan's Super☆Star before.

【Omote&Kozue】Super☆Star Dance Cover【in uniforms】

【Shuurin×Yuzuki】Super☆Star【Dance Cover】

We'll go into detail about GeMaga FES during the live broadcast,
and play the games that will be played at the event!!

If you'd like,
please come watch
that day after tomorrow at 9PM. ><

Live Broadcast Saturdays at 10PM 「DANCEROIDing」

Aikawa Kozue @ Nico Live Community

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