Yesterday I made a collab video (`・ω・´)


Yesterday NoraSan, MiumeSan and I
made a collab video.

We plan on uploading it next week. (Keyword plan!)
So please look forward to it. (`・ω・´)


I went to Animate. (`・ω・´)Haha.

There was a Prince of Tennis Fair or something going on
so I thought I wouldn't make it there,
but somehow I did. (´゚ω゚`;)

I got Shinomiya Natsuki's character song.

I don't think I've shopped at Animate
since I was in middle school. wwww

I think I'll go again sometime. www←

The Tachiagirl that I ordered online also arrived
so I'm quite happy.

Today DANCEROID has a shoot

I'll do my best.

Please come watch our Nico Nico Live Broadcast 「DANCEROIDing」
today at 10PM. ><

Please check out these links. ><