About Today

Today I recorded a collab video! ><

It was difficult, but fun.

We weren't planning on doing this dance,
but we were really enthusiastic about it. Lol.
We all learned and recorded it in about 30 minutes. Haha.

Tomorrow is the third weekly broadcast
 of Poppin'★Variety. (`・ω・´)

Thank you very much to those of you who have supported me with the Twitter hash tag. ><

I'll practice more and do my best during tomorrow's broadcast

Thank you. ><

Thank you for all of your comments. (´;ω;`)

I really didn't think I would get so many comments
so I was surprised when I looked at my blog.

I'm really sorry...
for making you all worry. ><

Today I went to the hospital and got my stitches out.
The places where I had stitches don't even hurt anymore
so I'm feeling pretty good. (`・ω・´)

I'm going to start working again tomorrow
so I'll work hard to make up for the week that I missed.

I'm really, really sorry if I made you worry. (´;ω;`)

I'm happy that everyone is so nice to me... (´;ω;`)

So I'll do my best at work, for dance covers and Nico Nico Live Broadcasts

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It's been a long time!

Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time. (´;ω;`)

How are you all?
It's been cold lately, but you haven't caught a cold or anything, have you?

I injured my face!
I wrote about it on Twitter also!

I'm going to get my stitches out in a few days. ><
I want to hurry up and get them out so I can do my makeup. (´;ω;`)

Oh, I may have injured myself, but
I'm still healthy on the inside! So don't worry!

Again, I'm really sorry for not updating my blog!

I haven't even been able to open the presents
that were sent to my Ameblo. ;;;

It's been almost a month since my birthday! ><;
I'm really sorry!

I've got to hand in there. (´;ω;`) Haaan

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We will appear in 「CosColl!」!

Announcement about an appearance in an event.

presented by Cure

December 4th (Sun)

OPEN 18:30  START 19:00

Nico Farre

Net Ticket

Real Ticket
¥3,000(Tax Included)

Real Tickets go on Sale...
November 19th (Sat) 10:00

Please see the event's official site for details.

Please come and see us, everyone. ><
I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. ><

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