Goods that will be sold at tomorrow's BD event!【Added: Price Determined】

I'm going to announce the good that will be sold

DANCEROID Photo Set(´ω`)

They have the member's autographs on them.

Set of 5

A4 Size Photo

A4 Size Photo No. 2

The office people have lowered the price a little.
Set of 5: 600円
A4 size photos are 1300円 with autographs

If you're able to come tomorrow
please consider these

For those who cannot come to the event,
it seems they'll be available for mail order at a later date.

We'll broadcast tomorrow's Nico Live DANCEROIDing
from the waiting room? of the venue when we can,
once the event is over.
(We probably won't be able to broadcast on Ust because of something to do with the venue.

Also, also
I also Tweeted about it, but
DANCEROID's mobile site have been updated.
Please be sure to check it out. ><


Please check out these links. ><