Pictures and Stuff from Dance Master 3!

I'm going to upload the pictures that I took
with the other performers at Dance Master 3. ヽ(・∀・。)ノ

I hardly had any time
so I couldn't take pictures with everyone. 

With Kamen Rider 217 who appeared in the yuri category.

When I met her the other week at the event in Nagoya she had brown hair,
so I was really surprised when she was blond. www

With MelochinSan... I mean MelochinkoSan who appeared in the guest category. w

With IkuraSan before the event.

IkuraSan was the only DANCEROID member I took a picture wiiith! (´;ω;`)
I wanted to take one with Mamm and King tooooo! (´;ω;`)

From here on is pictures form the party afterwards!

RachelSan who appeared in the yuri category.

I think it's my imagination that's telling my Ryuusei YarouSan's photobombing us. ←

With Shion RiaSan and NoraSan who appeared in the Yuri category.

With MiumeSan who appeared in the Guest category.

with MiumeSan and NoraSan the other day so it was like
"It's been a while!" w

With Ryman BrothersSan who appeared in the Salary Man category.

They danced Luka Luka during Dance Master 3. ><
Thank you very much. ><

With Kimagure PrinceSan who appeared in the Guest category.

This is the first pose of Berryz Koubou's
「Watashi no Mirai no Danna Sama」!w

Kimagure PrinceSan is also a HelloWota, but
in the little amount of time that I talked to him wwww
we were already talking about H!P wwww I was so excited. wwwwwwww
A lot of our favorite songs were even the same. wwww

With the MC
Naa Bou TofuChan
and MeryukkeChan who appeared in the high school girls category.

The high school girls are so young and cute... hshs (´ω`)

And that's all of my pictures!
Thanks for looking. ><

The event's live broadcast TS is here.

Please check out these links. ><