Thank you for Dance Master 3!

On October 15th
I performed at Nico Nico Dance Master 3
as a secret guest

Dance Master Official Site is here

The event's live broadcast TS is here.

It was the four of ours first official Nico event
and we were really nervous.
And on top of that we were a secret guest.

We had been wanting to appear in an official event
for a really long time.

IkuraSan wrote about it on her blog also, but
since about December of last year,
because of adult circumstances
we couldn't appear in official Nico events.
Honestly, it was really frustrating and sad.
I like Nico. I mean, I'm a Nicochu.

But this time, by appearing in Dance Master 3
we were able to make a comeback (?) to official Nico events.

The reason we were able to appear in Dance Master 3
was because the new people in charge of DANCEROID
are listening to our requests and doing their best for us
and because everyone is cheering for us.
I really think it's because there are so many people supporting us.

Thank you very, very much.

I'll continue to do my best to put a smile
on even one more person's face.
Please continue to support us.

DANCEROID before the event.


Speaking of which,
it seems this video has also been uploaded.

Thank you very much for making this. ><

But it's definitely better
if you watch the official time shift
and see the other performances also. (`・ω・´)

It was really such a diverse event.
I had fun watching the TS. ><

It's going to get long
so I'll put the pictures with the other performers and stuff
on my next entry.

Please check out these links. ><