Thank you very much for Pop'n★Variety♪

Thank you very much to those of you
who watch Pop'n★Variety,
which was broadcast at 8:30PM. ><

Archived here


A description of the program can be found
こat this page and, as it says,
on the third broadcast
we'll seriously play Pop'n games
I'll battle with the rest of the cast

We'll be in boy and girl pairs
 and the total score with be both people's put together.

KenSan is my partner.


I'll do my best and practice with the PSP and software that I borrowed,
so I that I won't drag KenSan down

it appears you can suport the cast with
"Support Hash Tags" on Twitter so...<●><●>

There's a sentence that says,
「Everyone's Tweets can become points to help the cast!?」

Everyone, if you'd like,
plesae Tweet with the hash tag
(#Pop'n Kozue Cheering Squad)

Please cheer for me. ><

So that's that

Thank you very much to everyone who watched that broadcast
and everyone who's already Tweeted with the hash tag. ><

I have to wake up early tomorrow
so it's about to time to get ready for bed...

Good night!

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