Thank you very much for Venus Waraku!


Thank you for Venus Waraku that was on October 12

It was my first time in Fukuoka.
It was fun. ><

Thank you so much, everyone.

The food in Fukuoka is delicious!
With that being said,
I ate a lot of different things.

Although my teeth hurt so much from the correcting
that I could only eat a little. (´;ω;`)

But I ate a bit of everything
It was delicious

I ate cake at a fashionable cafe.

It was a mousse cake so I could eat it. (`・ω・´)←

It was really, really delicious! (´ω`)

Since it was our first time in Fukuoka
we wore different costumes. Lol.
I dealing with the pain in my teeth and an empty stomach,

but it was still a really fun event! ><

I want to go to Fukuoka again. ><

Please check out these links. ><