Twin Planet CHANNEL was fun!

Today(Technically yesterday!)
I went to the recording for Twin Planet CHANNEL.

Everyone was a famous gal model except for me. (;゚;ω;゚;)
I wonder if I'll be able to fit in (;゚;ω;゚;)
I thought, but everyone was so nice and bright;
they're really nice people. (´;ω;`)


With Suzuki NanaSan

With ApichunSan

Recording was so much fun.

It was so fun that even though this time I only appeared as a guest,
it made me think that I want to be on it again! ><

And after the recording
the lights suddenly went out. (;゚;ω;゚;)

I was wondering what was going on,
but it was a birthday surprise for me!

The cake was really delicious. (´;ω;`)

Thank you very much staffSan. (´;ω;`)

Speaking of which, everyone!
Thank you very much for all of the birthday celebrations

A special site, planned video uploads,
presents on Ameba, group efforts on GREE (;゚;ω;゚;)
Celebratory videos and illustrations and stuff. (;゚;ω;゚;)

I'm really sorry if I haven't had time to look at some of them yet. orz

Thank you very much everyone. ><

よPlease check out these links. ><