Eyelash Extensions and Color Contacts

Just before going to Taiwan I got some eyelash extensions.  

Because when I dance a lot at lives I start to sweat a lot and fake eyelashes come off.      

I got about 100 C-curls
and they look good so I like htme. ´ω`  

It makes my normal makeup really fun too.  

Also, I changed my color contacts today. `・ω・
As always they're dark brown though  

These are better than I thought they would be also so
I'm excited.    

Here's a picture to get the idea. ・ω・
Sorry for not having any makeup on.←

I'll do my best at the event that we're appearing in today,
『Countdown Shitemita』

To those of you who can come today, let's spend a nice New Year's Eve together.          

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