Feelings that I don't want to forget

If my dance videos can make even one person happy
then I can be glad about how I'm living my life.

Everyone's comments and letters are what give me the power to live.

When compared to other people I'm pretty easy to give in, so

thank you all for everything.

Even thought I accept your letters I'm sorry that I don't write back.

I'll continue to work hard as Aikawa Kozue,
in order to give something positive to you all.

To the other members, teacher, my family, and the staff,
I'm sorry for all of the inconveniences that I cause you.

I'm really sorry that I'm such a hopeless person.

I'll continue to work hard.

A lot of things happened yesterday
and I didn't want to forget this feeling
so I wrote this blog.

Sorry that it turned into such a confusing entry. ´・ω・`

I've got to do my best.

Do my best for the people who are supporting me.

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