The other day we went to Sega to play a new game called 「maimai」

It's a music game where you press buttons to the rhythm, but...

my 「Luka Luka ★ Night Fever」 is in it!


you can dance while you play.

A video and details can be found here.

【maimai】Kozue & Yuzuki Luka Luka ★ Night Fever【Played】

IkuraSan and Maam danced Happy Synthesizer.

【maimai】Itokutora & Maam Happy Synthesizer【Played】

These maimai will be location testing...

December 16th (Fri)~18th (Sun)
Club Sega Akihabara Annex, Ikebukuro GiGO

December 23rd (Fri)~25th (Sun)
GAME SILK HAT Kawasaki Dice Store, ROUND 1Yokohama Station West Exit Store

Everyone please play it and try out Luka Luka.

Live Broadcast Saturdays at 10PM 「DANCEROIDing」

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