Search for a Taiwanese DANCEROID?!!

Announcing the secret plan for
that will be held on December 23rd.

◆◇◆Search for a Taiwanese DANCEROID?!!◆◇◆

Designated Track

Application Deadline
12/20 Taiwan Time 23:59

Submit To

Tag Lock
Please tag lock with "DANCEROID台灣試跳舞者選拔賽"
(TN: ↑Chinese)

Submission Condition
1. Men and women of all ages OK
2. The length and dancing of the submission of the submission video is up to you.
3. You can post multiple times.
4. You can enter with previously uploaded videos. (Limited to "Luka Luka★Night Fever") Just add the tag lock.

Examination Guidelines
Taking into consideration the view count, number of comments and number of MyLists
DANCEROID's staff will choose one or a few winners.

Date of Announcement
On location during the concert on 12/23

The winner will
・be allowed on stage on 12/23 with DANCEROID
・be invited to the DANCEROID concert after party on 12/23
・Official DANCEROID logo with their name (handlename) on it
・Autographed DANCEROID goods

Submission Confirmation
Please send your video to the following email address with the following information within one hour of submitting your video.
The information will be used when creating the special offiicla DANCEROID logo.

Email to:
Subject: 「DANCEROID台灣試跳舞者選拔賽」
Full Name:
Telephone (Cellphone):
If you have other videos uploaded or a MyList:
Detailed explanation in Chinese here

I look forward to your submissions. (´ω`)

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